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Here are unsolicited comments from our customers.  Enjoy!  We did.

Hi Mark;

  I received my key today.  Thank you for the quick shipping.  Tried it as is first, didn't work.  Followed the cut diagram you sent on email for the common cut with a fine file.  In less than five minutes I had the cuffs open.  Double lock works as well.  Didn't believe how minor the cut was.  Thanks again.  Good luck with your business and if I ever need another key you'll be the one I contact.  I also will recommend you to other collectors.


Gary Fournier

Dear Mark and Sheila
     In this day and age when prices of magic props seem to increase in leaps
and bounds, it's refreshing to encounter people who are dedicated to
promoting the art more than generating a huge profit. For this reason, and on
behalf of all other magicians/escape artists and collectors please accept our
undying gratitude!!!
Keep up the good work and Thanks again!!
Tony Parisi

I am very pleased with the jacket I recd. and this is what I expected.  A person who does 3 shows a day 6 days a week needs something that will last.  Now for the good stuff, I am often disappointed in the way people handle business on ebay and I think it hurts the whole system, you folks are not one of them. My wife thinks I am crazy I am so excited, you have restored my faith in the human race. I love the catalog and see many items I am interested in. I just do not know how I can express in words how great I feel about how professional you handled this whole thing. One thing I can do, please email me the item # for the auction and I will leave great feedback for you.  Thank you again and we will do some business and many magicians come up after our show and want information and your names will be in the top of my list.




Dear Sheila, dear Mark


Relly a great SURPRISE ! No, I don't think you have forgotten...but i'm very busy now and I have no time.

The H 8's are just right, and I'm very happy.

I don't know how thank you....(nevertheless, I have a little idea).


Thousand of thanks, an kisses for Sheila




I'll hope to order you a new item in two weeks.

    I got my strait jacket today.  It fits perfectly.  I had someone put me in
it but they decided to try and trick me and put the strap under the buckle.
Thank God you sent the directions a while ago that said how to get out like
that.  I have many friends that know about that method and are itching to put
me in it.  Thank you for all the help you gave me for the last couple weeks to
sort out all of this hassle.  I will keep looking for any new things on your
website.  It has to be the number one site for escape artists.  Thanks again,
and hopefully we will be talking again sometime about an other order.  However,
next time there shouldn't be a big hassle.

Thanks a lot,

Mark Johnson


                                                  THANKS AGAIN,

The Mattatuck key arrived today and, after some manipulating of that
spring disc to find that little hole, it worked!  Glad you sent
instructions.  This could have been a final exam question at the police
academy a century ago.


Thanks for the kit and the cuffs. Delighted with them. Great service.



Regarding antiqued Lilly


I am really impressed, the cuffs are perfect! They arrived safe and sound
today. Thank you for your excellent communication, fast delivery and great
merchandise. I would recommend you to anyone. Best of luck with your business.
Sincerely, Jeff & Michael

Regarding Seance Cuff


It has been a pleasure working with you.  Everyone else I have attempted to deal with has either never responded back or acted like my request was very bizarre.  You immediately had the concept of what I was trying to achieve and I really appreciate your recommendations. We'll keep your web-site on file and recommend you to anyone in need of your services.  Thanks again. 


I would think that you could form a niche market with your type of merchandise.


Actually we are not doing a play but are a competition team of high school kids.  The boy we have on our team  is VERY talented, he is 16 and this dance is this years' challenge to him.  We  do 5 strong competitions this year and if you are interested we would be more than happy to let you know how he places.  He is one of those guys that will be on Broadway in 5-10 years and comes along to a teacher once in a decade.


Micki Holderfield

Lacon Center for Dance

Hello Mark and Sheila


I received my order this morning. Thank you very much indeed. Everything is fantastic, better than I could possibly have expected. I was lucky enough to not even be charged customs taxes. I look forward to making more purchases in the future. For now though I have a lot to play with. And a lot to learn. Thanks again, you have made my day!


Best regards and keep up the good work


David Straitjacket

     I rec'd my trick handcuffs today (ADA model 100's). All I can say is WOW, they are
amazing. I love them and will use them often in my act. You should be proud
of the high level of workmanship. Also, you have great customer service.
Thank you, thank you. I will recommend you to all my magician friends.
          Jimmy Moss

Mr. Cannon,

Just wanted to write a quick email saying thanks for your help and assistance a few weeks ago regarding the handcuff (2 S&W 100 ADA's) purchase over the phone— I was the one difficult to size that needed them in a hurry! Everything turned out great and the sold-out performance turned out flawless. Just wanted to send you a quick note expressing my appreciation for your company’s professionalism, impeccable service, and incredible, unique products (they worked EXACTLY how I intended). Awesome— thank you!

Jonathan Bayme

Dear Marc and Sheila,

I just want to let you know that my friend has received the strait jacket.
Everything worked out fine! It's really been a pleasure dealing with you. The
tremendous amount of work you've put into this single transaction is well
appreciated here.

If you someday need a reference from a Geman buyer don't hesitate to ask me
for a letter of recommendation.

So let me thank you very much, once again.



I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for sending out
that strait jacket in such short notice.  It's great and i simply love
it.  The best damned strait jacket that I've ever owned! 


Matt (TK)

Dear Mark & Shelia,
   I got my IRBY hinge today. IT'S JUST THE GREATEST. I'll be putting it on my lid soon.
  My professional photo shoot is Tuesday, I'll send you out some photos soon.
       It's amazing that the last catalog (circa 1994) I got from XXXXX is still more expensive, than the same items you sell today. I'm so glad that YOUR IN BUSINESS.
       I cannot thank you enough! Your the best!  
                      Take care, Christian.

Dear Mark,

I had a chance to work with the resized ADAs yesterday and they are just
right. Thank you very much for the free service.

I have come to expect that I can count on you to provide the best in
quality. Over the past year, with the custom work that you have done for
me and the little extras like resizing the cuffs at no charge, I now
realize that the quality of your work is completely matched by your
marvelous customer service, something that has become rare in today's
business environment.

It is always a pleasure to recommend your company to others, and I will
continue to do so.


Paul Szauter

I am very pleased with your professional service. I have
been collecting escape books and Houdiniana for 25 years - this stuff is
always hard to come by and sells out quickly. I really appreciated your
advance notice on a hot new escape book. Thanks. You guys are the best escape dealers on the planet!
Stephen Forrester

I wanted to write you and tell you just how (please I am with) the strong

I performed it for the first time as a part of my training session in
Atlanta last Tuesday, and now everyone thinks I'm some kind of freaking
expert escape artist!  Honestly, it is absolutely the best performance piece
I have come across and worth every penny I spent for it.  It amazed everyone
that saw it, including two volunteer police officers that were in the
audience who acted as my assistants.

I can tell already, I'm going to be ordering more of your products. 

Take care,
Jim Poage

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