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After 11 years of service to the escape artist community, we have decided to close our shop, as of June 30, 2011. We have enjoyed getting to know hundreds of escape artists and handcuff collectors over the years and are honored to count many of them as friends.

We will be continuing to perform our escapes and provide consultation on a limited basis. Sheila is now a vacation specialist and will be focusing on providing exceptional service to her clients, based on first hand knowledge.

Thank you very much for your business and your friendship over the last 11 years. We have been blessed.

On-Line Catalog - Our shop is officially closed, but we have an extremely limited number of items left, which we are clearing out. 99% are on sale, from 35 to 50% OFF!

Replacement Handcuff Keys - Just a few and most are originals, many with new lower prices!

Antique Handcuffs for Sale - Authentic Handcuffs & Replicas, we'll be adding to this periodically.

International customers, please note: With the exception of Canada, the United States does not allow export of a legitimate restraint item without an export license.  (Gimmicked/magic handcuffs, strait jackets, etc. are not "legitimate restraints").  We will have to obtain an export license to ship these items to you.  The license takes about 4-6 weeks to receive. Therefore, every order of these items (not per item) will be assessed a $35 export license fee.  We are not able to add this fee to each item individually, so we will send a credit card invoice upon receipt of this type of order for $35 and will apply for your export license upon receipt of that payment. Stock up and order everything at once, to avoid multiple charges.  If you have any questions, please email us.

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Brand new for 2002!  As recently released at the Magic Castle, Hollywood.  This 24 page booklet is chock full of new and original escapes by the author that you can build and perform.  Plenty of photos help illustrate the intricacies of such new items as:  How to escape from a strait jacket with your arms truly laced through the side & belly loops, how to gimmick your own padlocks, the "Crossbow of Death", Melt-Thru Manacles, how to escape from a challenger's handcuffs, etc.  Additionally, you will find information on how to present an escape act that is up-to-date, and designed for the modern audience.  This lecture booklet was the hottest selling item recently at the Castle.  If you are looking for new technology and performance information that just isn't available elsewhere, this is it!   

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