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UPDATED 5/21/14

Here is a list of the antique items for sale currently in our stock.  (All are in good working order and come with a key where noted and applicable).  All are genuine antique restraints, unless noted "Reproduction".

Shipping for a standard set of handcuffs under $100 within the US is $8, to Canada $12 and outside the US and Canada $14.  Insurance is optional and extra.  If you would like to purchase insurance, please email us with your address and we will let you know what the total is with insurance.  If no insurance is requested, we are not responsible for loss or damage to the article.  To purchase any of the antique items shown with a check, please email your order (please include your name and address [no P.O. Boxes please], cuff name and ID #) and it will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

International customers, please note: We will have to obtain an export license to ship these items to you.  With the exception of Canada, the United States does not allow export of a legitimate restraint item without an export license.  (Gimmicked/magic handcuffs, strait jackets, etc. are not "legitimate restraints").  The license takes about 4-6 weeks to receive. Therefore, every order of these items (not per item) will be assessed a $35 export license fee.  We are not able to add this fee to each item individually, so we will send a credit card invoice upon receipt of this type of order for $35 and will apply for your export license upon receipt of that payment. Stock up and order everything at once, to avoid multiple charges.

Order soon to avoid disappointment, as items are selling out daily.

To see a larger picture of any item, just click on the image.


These cuffs open and lock closed fine, but the key is broken, and one side of one cuff is slightly bent.  But they are offered here because they are the rare/hard to find Dowlers, ("Dowler" is stamped on the cuffs) and again, they do work fine.


ID# B87


Before the London Bobby's stopped using this cuff, they had gone to the more modern nickel plated style. But these blue-steel finish were used before.  Just for info, these cuffs were used specifically by the "Durham Constabulary".  Original holster with replacement key.  Fine working order.

Price - $125

ID# B84

Shipped within the US

Shipped to Canada 

Shipped outside the US and Canada


Both the handcuffs and the key are stamped "98", indicating the original, matched set.  Work perfectly.  SF Company was a late Victorian era British firm that made these and other handcuffs.


ID# B80

GIANT 28 INCH LONG HANDCUFFS!  (Please click on picture to see LARGER size - (not actual, which is too big to show on a computer screen))

These "hand" cuffs are actually VERY oversized.  (Compare them to an actual pair of handcuffs which are shown below the Giant cuffs).  In fact, they are large enough to fit around your NECK (BUT DON'T DO THAT!).  They are 28" long from end to end, and each cuff is about 12" x 9 1/2".  They weigh about 8 Lbs, 7 ounces.  They are plated, and YES, they actually lock and open with the included keys.  (Single-lock only).  Use them for a display/attention getter in your escape show, or handcuff convention.  Or, use them for a comedy routine, etc.  But do NOT place them on your neck, for obvious dangerous reasons. 


ID# B83

When using our Shopping Cart, please be sure to include a Confirmed Address. We cannot ship your order to an unconfirmed address.  Thank you!

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