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Mark and Sheila Cannon escape artists

M.R. Cannon biography of Horatio Cooke
Read the incredible true story of the brave and resourceful young captain
of the Civil War's super-secret LINCOLN SPECIAL SCOUTS, Harry Green Cooke.


MARK & SHEILA CANNONMark and Sheila Cannon on Masters of Illusion TV show
are leading performers of Escape, Magic & Illusion, and have been featured year after year at the WORLD FAMOUS HOLLYWOOD MAGIC CASTLE, on Cruise ships, television, the Disneyland Hotel, Europe, as well as all of the hotels in the Palm Springs Resort area.  Additionally, they have designed several unique escapes for other performers for use on TV in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, London, Cancun, Germany,  Asia, and regularly consult on major motion picture and television projects. 

Member:  Screen Actors Guild (SAG) -  American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) -  Academy of Magical Arts (Hollywood Magic Castle) - Society of American Magicians (SAM) - International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) 



Magic Castle image

~You can usually catch Mark & Sheila performing at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle!~

Mark & Sheila Cannon's show is a refreshingly different -and Dangerous- escape act that is designed for sophisticated adult and family audiences. Their unique, fast-paced performance consists of audience participation, exciting visual magic, and death-defying escapes. As an example, in the "Spiked Cabinet", Mark must escape from underneath a wall of spikes before the rope supporting them burns through! AND ALL OF THIS ACTION TAKES PLACE IN FULL VIEW OF THE AUDIENCE - not behind a curtain. This act alone is usually talked about for days by those who have witnessed it. 

Mark and Sheila Cannon performing the Spiked Cabinet illusion

To schedule a show, contact Mark & Sheila by clicking here.
If you host a magic organization and would like to schedule Mark & Sheila Cannon's 21st Century Escape Lecture, click here. This is the same lecture that was recently featured at the Hollywood Magic Castle and met with rave reviews.
Mark & Sheila Cannon are also owners of Cannon's Great Escapes, a company that provides escape equipment for the professional escape artist.

(To see 2011 Highlights, scroll down past Film/TV Consultation)

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Film/Television Consultation

Shutter Island movie reel image


Ghost Whisperer Mark Cannon photo collage

Mark Instructs actor Orlando Seale in performing a full-view Water Torture Cell escape 

on the set of CBS TV's "The Ghost Whisperer", episode: "Miss Fortune"
Underwater Escape Consultation and Stunt work

...About to take the plunge! 

Billy the Kid on set photo collage

Mark Cannon prepares to demonstrate on camera how Billy the Kid might have escaped from Darby handcuffs in 1881 

Check your local listings.
Morningstar Entertainment

Mark instructs "Billy" in the fine
art of defeating Darby handcuffs on
the set of "Billy the Kid-Unmasked" 

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2011  Highlights:

Escape Consultation (credit) : David Blaine - Travel Channel's "Beautiful Struggle" New York, NY January 1

Escape Consultation : Katie Couric - CBS Evening News  New York, NY February 21

2010  Highlights:

Escape Show at World Famous Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA  Jan. 18 - 24, 2010 

Escape Consultation: Paramount Pictures/Martin Scorsese Film, " Shutter Island" ,  Boston, MA  Premieres Feb. 19, 2010 

Escape Consultation: Criss Angel -  A&E TV's MindFreak-Season 6, (airs  Aug-Sep.) Las Vegas & Lake Havasu, AZ  May

21st Century Escape Lecture & Performance, S.Y.M. Convention,  Ontario, CA July 23, 24, 25  

Escape Performance (Open to Public), San Diego Air & Space Museum, 2001 Pan America Plaza, San Diego, CA September 23

Escape Show and Lecture, Abbott's 73rd Magic Get-Together, Colon, MI  August 4,5,6,7  

 3rd European Handcuff Convention, Antwerp, Belgium  October, 2  

Escape Performance, Fox Theatre, Redlands,  CA October 10

Escape Consultation: David Blaine Beverly Hills, CA October 12

Escape Consultation (credit) : David Blaine - Travel Channel's "Beautiful Struggle" New York, NY December 12


2009  Highlights:Mark and Sheila Cannon on Masters of Illusion TV show

Escape Performances on MyNetwork TV's "Masters of Illusion", (airs Jan-April),  Hollywood, CA  Mar 16

Escape Consultation: Criss Angel'S  "Believe"  Luxor Casino, Las Vegas NV  Continuous

Escape Consultation: David Copperfield   Las Vegas NV  Continuous

Escape Consultation for Cyril - Japanese  TV', Tokyo, Japan  Feb

21st Century Escape Lecture, Mile High Magic Society, S.A.M. #37 / I.B.M. # 131, Denver, CO  April 1   

21st Century Escape Lecture, I.B.M. Ring # 47, Wichita, KS  April 4    

Featured in NEW TOPS E-Magazine,  June Issue,  June

Escape Performance on HULU  TV's "Bing-a-thon!" commercial with Fred Willard, Hollywood, CA  June 8

21st Century Escape Lecture, Orange County Magic Club, Garden Grove, CA  June 17  

Escape Consultation:  Universal Pictures/Michael Mann Film " Public Enemies" ,  Hollywood, CA  Premieres July 2009

Featured in MAGIC Magazine,  August Issue,  August 1

Escape Consultation: Paul Osborne's Theme Park Illusion Show  East Coast, Summer 2009  

Featured on KTIE 590 AM, " Let's Dine Out" ,  San Bernardino, CA  September 12 

Escape Consultation: Paramount Pictures/Martin Scorsese Film, " Shutter Island" ,  Boston, MA  Premieres Fall, 2009 

6th Worldwide Escape Artist Convention, Ontario, CA   October 2,3,4

Escape Performance (Corporate), Sacramento,  CA November 13

Escape Performance (Corporate), Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula,  CA December 19


2008  Highlights:

Escape Consultation: Criss Angel -  A&E TV's MindFreak-Season 4, (airs July-Sep.) Las Vegas, New Orleans  Jan-July

"All Star Magic Show": Producer: Gay Blackstone,  Redlands, CA   January 12 

Escape Consultation: Paramount Pictures/Martin Scorsese Film, " Ashecliffe" ,  Boston, MA  January - February

Escape Consultation:  Universal Pictures/Michael Mann Film " Public Enemies" ,  Hollywood, CA  FebruaryMark and Sheila Cannon pillory escape

Escape Consultation:  A&E TV's " City Confidential" ,  Hollywood, CA  February

Featured in MAGIC Magazine,  March Issue,  March 1

 Consultation for Society of American Magicians: S.A.M. Museum,  Hollywood, CA  March 3 

"An Evening of Magic"  All-Star Show.  Moorpark, CA   March 15 

Stunt Consultation: Jonathan Goodwin - Objective Productions, "Dangerman".  Hollywood, CA May

Escape Show at Riverside School for the Deaf,   Riverside, CA  May 19 

Escape Show at Oak Glen Conference Center,  Oak Glen, CA  June 27 

Featured in MAGIC Magazine,  July Issue,  July 1

Featured in GENII Magazine,  July Issue,  July 1

Escape Show at World Famous Magic Castle, Palace Stage,   Hollywood, CA  Sep. 29 - Oct. 5  

Escape Consultation for CBS TV's "How I Met Your Mother", (airs Nov), Hollywood, CA October 17

Escape Shows on MyNetwork TV's "Masters of Illusion", (airs Jan-Mar, 2009),  Hollywood, CA Nov20


2007  Highlights:

Escape Consultation: Criss Angel -  A&E TV's "MindFreak-Season 3", (airs May- Aug.) Las Vegas &  Mexico Jan-June

"All Star Magic Show": Host: Gay Blackstone, Producer: Constance Jury,  Redlands, CA   January 13 

Escape Show for 7-11 Corporation and "Magic" Johnson, Ontario, CA  February 7Magic Johnson with Mark and Sheila Cannon

Escape/magic  Consultation:  Pascal Marcotte Picture's "Like Magic"  Hollywood, CA February 14 premiere 

21st Century Escape Lecture, S.A.M. # 248, Phoenix, AZ February 12   

Escape Consultation: New Network TV show, Hollywood, CA  February 19

Escape Consultation: "Disney Channel Games, 2007" Orlando, FL  April 15

Escape Consultation: Disney Channel's " Wizards of Waverly" , (airs Fall) Orlando, FL  May 14

Escape Consultation: British TV's " Science of Houdini "  Documentary  London, UK  May 15

Escape/magic Consultation:  ABC TV's "The Next Big Thing", Hollywood,  CA   July 24, 25

5th Annual Escape Artist Convention, Ontario, CA   October 5,6,7

Fox TV News, Channel 11, Ontario, CA   October 5

Gold Coast Channel 9 News and National Channel 9 "Today Show",  Australia    October 6

Escape Consultation: VH-1 TV's "Celebracadabra" (airs 2008) Hollywood, CA  October17-22

Escape Show at World Famous Magic Castle,  Hollywood, CA  October 22-28 

Escape Consultation: Criss Angel -  A&E TV's "MindFreak-Season 4", (airs 2008) Las Vegas  Nov., Dec.


2006  Highlights:

 Escape/reference material  Consultation:  Touchstone Picture's "The Prestige"  Hollywood, CA January  

  Join forces with Paul Osborne to create Escape-Themed Plans for Osborne's "Illusion Systems"  January   

Escape Consultation: Criss Angel -  A&E TV's "MindFreak", (air: June 21, Aug. 9) Las Vegas, NV  & Cancun, Mexico Jan-June

Escape Consultation: CBS TV's "The Ghost Whisperer" (air: Mar. 10), Hollywood, CA  February

 Featured in M.U.M. Magazine,  April Issue,  April 1

Escape Consultation:  David Blaine ABC TV "Live Magic Special " (air: Mar. 8), New York, NY  May 3,4,5 

Celebrate Magic Convention, Tucson, AZ   May 11,12,13 

Escape Show, Buellton, CA   May 20 

Receive "Leslie Guest" Award of Excellence from Society of American Magicians, Louisville, KY   July 15 

Escape Consultation: New Line Cinema "Rush Hour 3",  Hollywood, CA   August

4th Annual Escape Artist Convention, Ontario, CA   Sept 29, 30 & October 1 

Monthly "Escape" Column begins in MAGIC Magazine, Las Vegas, NV  October

Escape Show at World Famous Magic Castle,  Hollywood, CA  October 23-29


2005  Highlights:

   M.U.M. Magazine Cover, February Issue   Feb 1  

West  Coast Lock Show-Escape Show, Los Angeles, CA  Feb. 5

Michigan Magic Day Convention, Flint, MI   May 21   

Magic News   May 25  

Escape Consultation for Cyril - Japanese  TV's Revolutions, Tokyo, Japan  May

Magic Broadcast Radio, Harrisburg, PA   June 11  

Escape Consultation for Star Cast TV's  "Magic of Wynn" , Hollywood, CA   July 

Escape Consultation for Academy Award Winner AL PACINO, Hollywood, CA   Aug - Sept 

Daily Bulletin Newspaper, Ontario, CA   September    

Sun Newspaper, San Bernardino, CA  October

3rd Annual Escape Artist Convention, Ontario, CA   October 7,8,9 

History Channel TV's Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery, Las Vegas, NV  October 31

Guest Lecturer, Los Angeles Conference on Magic History, Hollywood, CA  November 11

Escape Consultation for Criss Angel -  A&E TV's MindFreak, Las Vegas, NV  Dec. 12,13,14,15


2004 Tour Highlights:

BBC’s History of Magic, London, England   Feb. 13  

Hollywood Squares, Hollywood, CA   Feb. 23 

Discovery Channel’s Billy the Kid Unmasked, Hollywood, CA   Mar. 2

2nd Annual Escape Artist Convention, Indianapolis, IN   April 24, 25   

Balderdash television show, Hollywood, CA  September 19

San Diego North County Performing Arts Center, Escondido, CA   October 23   

Marriott Seaport Village, San Diego, CA   December 17   


 2003 Tour Highlights:

Indianapolis, IN   April 25,26,27     Madrid, Spain   June 25,26,27

Winona, MN Sept.20, 21    Hollywood, CA Oct. 3 Hollywood, CA Nov.11    

Hollywood, CA   Nov. 22    

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Here's what people are saying about Mark & Sheila Cannon:

"...It was truly a commanding performance, and your exceptional escape abilities continue to impress us as they have audiences worldwide.... the eloquent and succinct way in which you presented them to the camera helped make the show a success.  Our only wish is that we can include you in another of our programs in the future.

....Gary, Morningstar Entertainment

"Mark & Sheila Cannon...Slipping the Knots to Fame"....Front Page L.A. Times

"Thanks again for performing at the Madrid show. Your performance was the best attention
driver we've had at (our) booth to date. We will definitely keep you in mind for future shows"
....Noelle, BLVDWest

"Mark is definitely in the upper percentile, because he does real things - like Houdini did"
....The Sun, San Bernardino CA

"Mark & Sheila...were GREAT!  I've been involved with this event for twenty years, and I can honestly say you were my favorite performers.  I've heard nothing but very positive comments about your show from people who attended.  The show was very professional, entertaining, and enjoyed by people of all ages...I found you very easy to work with..."
....Mark, Victorian Fair, Winona, MN

"Modern-day escapist, Mark Cannon...performs stunts with his wife Sheila around the world. Recently he got himself out of a triple-locked solid steel diamond-plated box, while his hands and feet were shackled."

....Fox News, NY

" of the few escapists who has performed at the (Hollywood) Magic Castle."
....The Daily Press, Hampton Roads, Virginia

"California escape artists slip into demand"....Seattle Times

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